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NYSUT Member Briefing - June 5, 2020

Editor’s note: NYSUT offices will be operating from remote locations for the next few weeks. You can reach us on email and, as always, at 800-342-9810. Get up-to-date COVID-19 news and resources at


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NYSUT Coronavirus Toolkit

Guidance and Resources on Coronavirus

We offer the following as a gateway to resources on the coronavirus outbreak, including guidance specific to public school employees, higher education faculty and to our members who work in health care.

Find the NYSUT Coronavirus toolkit at:

NYSUT Member Briefing - Sep. 27, 2019

NYSUT-backed bus camera law helps keep kids safe

The stop-arm camera law enacted this summer is already working. "One of our drivers had a car pass her while she was stopped with the lights on. We were able to get the plate number and we took it to the cops, and it worked," said Charlie Jones, a bus driver in Bethlehem, near Albany.


AFT members dive into candidate endorsement process

As the presidential elections inch closer and the field of candidates gets more and more competitive, AFT members are engaging, parsing campaign platforms, asking questions of the candidates, and voicing their priorities as educators, healthcare practitioners and public employees. Thus far, the AFT has hosted eight AFT Votes town halls in eight different locations across the country, giving members the opportunity to meet candidates in person and hear about their stands on education, working families, healthcare and other top-line issues. Also part of the AFT’s robust endorsement process: surveys, debate parties and lots of information on


NYSUT Member Briefing - Sep. 20, 2019

Join the team to fight breast cancer

Form your local union teams now for the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks in October. Last year, NYSUT members generated more than $722,000 in donations. Don't forget to register with ACS under NYSUT's Flagship sponsorship.